Before I start inundating you all with festive and christmas themed posts, I wanted to share some of my favourite moments from Autumn in the city. Seeing London streets transform into so many beautiful colours, the leaves changing and the days becoming shorter, makes me excited for the season to come, wrapping up warm in a new winter coats and a cosy scarf. Kicking fallen leaves whilst running for the bus is novel to start with, but mixed with rain which lets face it is inevitable can make for a heart pounding moment, will I fall won’t I?! If you’re familiar with my clumsy antics, tripping over during a shoot trying to get ‘that’ shot isn’t an unusual occurrence. 

Hyde Park

One of the city’s most beautiful and regal parks, home to thousands of Parakeets which up until recently I had never seen. They all seem to flock to a certain area within the park. They’re can be mighty friendly, landing on patient hands. Children squealed and we gazed on enchanted by these beautiful birds calling London their home. I loved spending the afternoon here, capturing the changing colours of the park and seeing everyone wrapped up in coats and scarves. It is nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.

Columbia Road

One of my favourite places in the city if you weren’t already aware from my past posts. I always love the atmosphere that this beautiful flower market offers. I feel as if I fall in love with it more and more each time I visit. Over the Christmas season they run late nights in the week with festive offerings, and watching young men cart christmas trees about on their backs is quite amusing. A few years ago I remember seeing one strapped to a push bike.

 I hope you’ve liked my little little round up from Autumn, now here’s to endless mugs of mulled wine… 

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