NYC – Empire State Building

I’m struggling to believe that this trip to NYC was in April and it’s now the middle of August! Apologies for not getting these final Big Apple posts up sooner. They’ve been in my drafts whilst other posts and collaborations took priority. But I’m persevering with getting the last few out over the next week.

This trip to NYC was so memorable to both myself and Ollie. It was our first holiday together and we honestly had such an incredible time. I didn’t get to travel a lot last year, I went away for a long weekend to Lisbon with Emily, which was wonderful. But as my passion and knowledge for photography grew over that year I was seriously itching to get on a plane and explore new and well loved places with my camera. I have been extremely lucky to have travelled a lot this year. Two trips I am yet to even post about, but are coming very soon. My trip to Lisbon with Google and the gorgeous Isabella, and a photo diary from my long weekend to Valencia with Emily. I also have two trips booked for September, I can’t wait till I can tell you more about those, I am really excited for both!

I seem to have wandered off track, I’ve got caught up thinking about what an incredible year this has been so far. Heading back to NYC. We actually ended up having two tickets to the Empire State Building. Our second visit was during golden hour, one of my favourite times of day. Seeing the city from that height with a golden glow is breathtaking. The observation deck is a complete wind tunnel, so prepare for your best windswept pose. Admiring the views of such an incredible city, we’d fallen in love with, we headed back to East Village for the evening. We went to Katz’s Delicatessen for dinner, somewhere which had been on our check list since we booked the trip! I’ll be coming back to Katz in my NYC Foodie post, coming soon. With so many things to see and do in NYC, I’d love to know what your favourite NYC landmark is?

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